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About Speeding Tickets

Your not alone, and each year OTT helps thousands of Ontario drivers successfully fight their speeding tickets.

As experienced legal advocates we know how to:

We have the experience, background and positive reviews to win your case.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

Depending upon the class of licence and rate of speed:

The police nor the court system are not obligated to tell you any of the penalties for speeding (including how a conviction will affect your insurance).

Read more about penalties for speeding tickets >>

Fighting Speeding Tickets

The court gives the driver 15 days to dispute the ticket, and
  • tickets must be filed in person,
    • at the issuing court,
      • within the 15 day time period
        • weekends included
Tickets maybe filed online at this link.
*Where OTT is fighting your ticket, we’ll file the ticket for you as part of our representation.

Experienced Legal Defense

As former police officers and licensed paralegals, we’ve fought thousands of speeding tickets and we can help you.

Each case is assigned a trial paralegal with experience fighting speeding tickets.

We’ll fight your ticket by:

  • listening and learning what happened
  • file your ticket at the court and
    • enter a not guilty plea
  • prepare the case for trial including:
    • ordering the officers notes (disclosure)
    • file any legal motions or applications
    • attend all pretrial meeting and motion dates
  • appear on the trial date for you
  • provide a written report after the trial has ended
We prepare the case for trial, ordering the officers notes, any radar manuals, and filing any applicable legal arguments while keeping you updated as your case proceeds.

* Usually with speeding ticket trials, drivers do not have to attend court, OTT will appear for you.

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