Sam Rad, Case Manager & Marketing Director

I Help Defend People Accused of Stuff!

Look out, people, he’s back! Sam Rad joined We Defend You wearing two hats at the same time.Sam will be a seasoned case manager and marketing director with over ten years of legal services before the Law Society regulated as a paralegal operating his successful paralegal firm, Sam Rad Legal Services. Sam Rad will also be the director of marketing with over 12 years of digital marketing services as an expert to various types of businesses in the GTA.

Sam Rad was one of the pioneers and a former president of Paralegal Society of Canada, Chair of Highway Traffic Act and Provincial Offence committee during his tenure as a former paralegal at Sam Rad Legal Services.

Before 2004, Sam had represented hundreds of individuals in almost

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every courtroom across the city. His knowledge and experience in offering legal services related to traffic tickets, summary criminal cases and small claims court matters will make him well-positioned to manage cases. Sam brings a reputation for excellent customer service, life experience and a reputation as a respected legal representative.

Sam will be beginning to continue his passion for making a difference in other people’s lives by providing his assistance in legal services as an assistant and as an in-house marketing director at We Defend You.

Sam has a unique personality. His compassion for people, empathy and sympathy for the hardship they experience when charged or arrested or facing any other judicial proceedings will make him an asset in our office.

For Sam, providing excellent service is fun, empowering and exhilarating. Sam will soon be starting his Paralegal program so that he can enter the paralegal licensing process. Before you know it, he will be handling the entirety of your case.

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