Nicola Bain, MA, OCELT, Paralegal

Nicola is delighted to be working under the mentorship of renowned paralegal, Frank Alfano. Before gaining her P1 licence from the Law Society of Ontario, Nicola obtained an MA from the University of Glasgow; a post-graduate certificate in teaching English from Humber College; a diploma in paralegal studies from Sheridan College; and, completed her paralegal practicum at the Federal Department of Justice.

Nicola’s pathway into a legal career began over twenty years ago when she served as a member of the Children’s Panel in Scotland. The Children’s Hearing System is a tribunal system and its members are currently appointed by the First Minister. The tribunal’s purpose is to divert at risk youth from the criminal justice system and oversee the care of children who may be in need of protection. This experience gave Nicola the desire to ensure that all people had the right to representation before the legal system

Nicola is committed to providing access to justice and believes that everyone has the right to the best defence before the court. At We Defend You, Nicola will ensure you have both.

Nicola remains a member of TESL Ontario and TESL Canada and has a passion for teaching English.

On August 20, 2020, Nicola was appointed a Notary Public by Douglas Downie, Attorney General for Ontario. 

Nicola can be reached by email at or you can call her at (416) 953-5459. 

Nicola Bain, MA, OCELT, Paralegal

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