How Does a Person Fight For Their Rights At a Discipline Hearing?

Defending Against Accusations of Professional Misconduct or Other Improprieties Can Be Burdensome. Governing Bodies Have Large Resources With Capacity to Bring Significant Pressure Upon the Accused. Skilled Legal Help Can Ensure that Your Rights are Protected and Preserved.

A Helpful Guide On How to Protect Your Rights When Defending Against Regulatory Discipline Proceedings

Advocate Standing In Room Used For Discipline Hearings

Many vocations are highly regulated whereas we live in a society that licences and governs professionals, tradespeople, among others.  From the certificate of qualification required by hairstylists to the licencing required of doctors and lawyers, heavy oversight is conducted by the government as well as entities which act as licencing and disciplinary authorities via statutorily granted regulatory powers.  Allegations against professionals and tradespeople that may be reviewed within disciplinary proceedings includes behavioural concerns, accusations of breaching rules of conduct, failing to comply with prescribed practice regulations, among other things.

We Defend You preserves and protects the rights of accused professionals in matters involving:

Protecting Your Rights

When allegations are first raised, avoid delay by promptly seeking legal assistance.  Early investigations, including advocacy during the investigative process may help to ensure against overstep and abuse of power by governing authorities who may use improper tactics and pressure in an attempt to reach beyond what is necessary and appropriate.  Furthermore, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms affords all persons the right to legal representation when allegations are raised.  Additionally, with the risk of severe sanctions from a body that governs your vocation, and thereby places your capacity to earn a living at risk, your emotions and fears may get in the way of serving your best interests.  We Defend You is ready and able to objectively remain calm and strong on your behalf.

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