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Resources PictureThis page will be updated weekly. To start we'll add topics and anything relevant additions to those topics. 

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 Caselaw is a primary source of law. Judge made law. Precedents. The doctrine of stare decisis. When arguing a point of law, it is always helpful to use primary sources of law where it has been done before. Caselaw is just that. A precedent where someone has already argued the point and it has been decided. The use of caselaw becomes obvious once you start. I can't think of a time where I haven't referred to a case. In each and every case I try, I always find myself referring to some authority. Remember, the answer you'll always have to give is "Why?". You argue the law is A and the prosecutor says it's B, have some caselaw supporting that the state of the law is A.


Careless Driving


Careless Driving

R. v. Ali [2003] O.J. No. 2045       A case where R. v. Beauchamp settles the issue. The standard is always a constantly shifting one. In this trial level case, Quon, J.P., deals with the issue of inexperience. A G1 (Novice) Driver got into an accident. Quon, J.P. held that the prosecution had not made the case for Careless Driving.

R. v. Beatty [2008] 5 LRC 10            A Dangerous Driving Case with reference to the test in Careless. Useful for distinguishing between offences.

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