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Oleksii Tyshchenko, ParalegalOleksii Tyshchenko came to Canada with the dream of being a lawyer.  He went to University of Toronto to study english and then Durham college to get his Paralegal diploma.  He graduated in 2017.  He met Frank Alfano at a Continuing Professional Development event.

A dynamic duo was born.  Without any hesitation, Oleksii moved to Toronto and shadowed Frank until he wrote his Law Society Licensing examination.  In September of 2017 Oleksii discovered he had passed and was lucky enough to be sworn in by the Honourable Justice Erick (Rick) Libman of the Ontario Court of Justice.  The swearing in Ceremony was done in Chambers; Justice Libman was so great, he brought a court clerk to administer the formalities. In our media section, you might just find a video of him being sworn in as a licensed paralegal.

Oleksii has spent the last years following in Frank's footsteps.  He has argued some great cases.  He is a young, ambitious and extremely zelous advocate.  In the short time he's been practicing, he has had the privellege of defending, a judge and a prosecutor.

You can contact Oleksii Tyshchenko via email at alex@wedefendyou.ca or phone (647) 783-7707.

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